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Gluten Free Bakery

Loose Leaf  Tea

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Absolutely amazing place. Walking past, you assume you're in for a small tea shop, and while it is very cute and cozy, they far exceed all expectations! The baked goods, the vegan options, THE SOUP. Every time I get something here, I'm surprised at how good it is. Most recently, my birthday cake was made here, and it was absolutely amazing and SO BEAUTIFUL! When it comes to vegan options sometimes people are worried that it won't live up to a "traditional" version of the same thing, but everyone in the room thought it was the best cake they've ever had. Plus, they have always been so kind to me and I really appreciate that. It's the type of place you can confidently recommend, and I couldn't do so enough! Def check it out if you get the chance. 100% a must go. ☺️
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