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Woman and Veteran
Owned and Operated 

   About Our Tea Bar   

We are located at 208b South Central Ave in quaint Flagler Beach Florida. Flagler Tea Company is family owned and operated offering over 150 different distinct loose leaf teas that can be brewed and blended to create a unique cup of tea to enjoy while visiting or to take home and brew.

If you are new to tea or have tried tea but had a bad experience with it, please let us know and we will let you choose a few samples to try at home. 


Flagler Tea Company Gluten Free Bakery was developed for those who do not normally get to enjoy a treat while out and about. Not only those who have Celiac need a safe place to enjoy a bit, those who also have intolerances, allergies, autoimmune, and inflammatory conditions can enjoy as well.


As a Dedicated Gluten Free Bakery, We are also FREE from Peanuts, Soy, Seafood, Shellfish, and Tree Nuts (Except for Coconut). Offering many Dairy Free and Vegan options.

A Tea Bar? What is that?!? 

What Is a Tea Bar?

While tea is often on the menu at coffee shops, a new type of establishment is emerging that makes tea the focus. Tea bars have started popping up in urban areas, and their popularity is causing a growth of modern shops that are dedicated to tea service. Below, learn more about what tea bars do, how they differ from traditional tea houses, and why they're becoming so popular.

What Are Tea Bars?

Tea bars are similar to coffee shops, but these trendy establishments make tea the spotlight of their menus. Some tea bars transition from day to night with tea-centric cocktails that bring a new wave of flavors for bartenders to experiment with. A tea bar may also have a tea sommelier, or tea expert, who offers customers information on how to enjoy their chosen variety and how to pair it with food items on the bar’s menu.

Tea Bar vs. Tea House

While tea-forward establishments have previously been seen with tea houses, tea bars tend to have a different aesthetic and purpose. Victorian-style tea houses are ideal for customers who want to experience a traditional tea service, while tea bars offer a contemporary alternative to coffee houses. The customer base of a tea bar may look demographically different than a tea house as well. Tea houses generally have an upscale, formal atmosphere, which contrasts with the casual and relaxed environment found in most tea bars. As a result, tea bar patrons may be a generally relaxed casual crowd.

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